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Expert RA Rating Agency is a Russian credit rating agency included in the register of credit rating agencies of the Bank of Russia. It is engaged in rating assignments, as well as research and communication activities. Expert RA's ratings, among other things, influence the admission of financial organizations (banks, insurers, pension funds) and issuers to certain types of activities.

The Main Benefits of Our Accounting Service:

Supporting Documents
Cooperation with Counterparties
• Control of reciprocal payments with counterparties (reconciliation reports, supporting documents)
• Support during tax audits and cooperation with tax authorities
• Legitimate tax optimization
Tax Assistance
HR Records
• Preparing the necessary documentation and reporting
• Calculation of personal income tax and insurance premiums
• Payroll calculation
• Reporting to supervisory authorities as required by law
• Preparation of financial statements: RAS, IFRS
• Administrative accounting
• Management and financial accounting
Management Accounting
• Assistance in collecting documents for obtaining a loan
• FEA, formal securities market: principles of tax and financial accounting
• Financial and tax accounting
• Control and certificate renewal, etc
• Bank affairs
• Formation of payment orders
Online Banking
• Budgeting
• Dealing with incoming and outgoing supporting documents
Why Clients Choose Us?
1. Our team includes accountants with practical experience in accounting and taxation in your industry.
2. We understand small business and meet the requirements of large business.
3. Our pool includes auditors, financial consultants, IT specialists and tax consultants.
4. We have 30 years of successful experience in the field of accounting and taxation.
5. We are in the top positions in the RAEX ranking of accounting companies.
6. We use the most advanced technologies: robotization, automation, Electronic Document Management, chat bots, personal accounts.
7. We have created a quality management system in compliance with the best international standards of Russell Bedford network, of which we hold a membership.
Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting
Drawing up and submitting tax declarations and calculations:
• income tax
• property tax
• land tax
• indirect VAT
• controlled foreign companies
• controlled transactions
• other taxes and fees

Services Overview
Support of general and tax audits
    Optimal document flow with buyers and customers. EDF implementation

    Control and processing of primary documentation from suppliers. There is no such thing as accounting without primary data!

    Essential business intelligence in accounting
      Calculation of wages in compliance with the company's remuneration system:
      • salary and bonus system
      • hourly payment
      • other systems
      • carrying out inter-settlements (vacation, sick leave, bonuses, compensation)
      • formation of pay sheets for employees.

      Execution of the «Treasury» function:
      • formation of payment orders
      • sending payments
      • Bank statements
      • currency control
      • international payments
      • payment schedule

      HR administration:
      • hiring and dismissing employees
      • formation of orders for vacation, business trip, bonuses, etc.
      • registration of other personnel events

      Drawing up and submitting declarations and calculations for staff and non-staff employees:
      • PIT (quarterly 6-PIT, annually 2-PIT)
      • calculation of insurance premiums (quarterly)
      • SZV-M (monthly)
      • SZV-STAZH (annually)
      • 4A-FSS (quarterly)
      • other regulated information

      Preparation of documents for banks, leasing companies and tenders
      In-House Accountant vs IAS Outsourced Accounting
      In-House Accountant vs IAS Outsourced Accounting
      Not guaranteed
      Team of experts who can solve any issues related to your accounting and consult you in other fields
      Financial liability
      Not available
      Insured professional liability
      Cost efficiency
      Requires salary, taxes and relevant software licenses
      Fixed price for an all inclusive accounting service
      Can be interrupted (holidays, sick-leave, pregnancy, resignation etc.)
      Always available without holidays and sick-leaves. Providing necessary reports and support at any time
      Full control of accounting
      Only your accountant has full access to your data and accounting
      Mobile app*; now you have all your accounting at your fingertips. You can access any information and chat with your personal accountant directly within the app
      Technical expertise & Software
      Not guaranteed
      High standards of technical competence. We have all relevant, cutting-edge software and competent specialists who continue upgrading their skills
      Individual service, constant in-house presence
      Individual service, personal accountant available 24/7 via certified and secure channels
      In-House Accountant
      IAS Outsourced Accounting
      *An app is under development and will be launched in autumn 2021
      Still Have Doubts?
      Have us run an audit of your company's accounting for free with no strings attached!
      Check how good your accountant is
      Download the checklist!
      Learn about how to protect
      from account blocking in 2021
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      Some of Our Clients
      Some of Our Clients
      Our Team
      Our Office
      Advanced accounting practices
      Advanced accounting practices
      Narrow-profile specialists for different areas of business

      24/7 customer support
      We support business in many cities
      We support business in many cities

      Get a free consultation or take the 30-second quiz to know the rates for your business

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      FTS has created a special unit for running tax frauds
      Now FTS actively collects debts from your linked/affiliated accounts

      When taxpayers refuse to revise taxes independently, they most likely will be red flagged and focused by FTS
      GNP types make it increasingly difficult to register and liquidate legal entities
      Automatic blocking of business/corporate bank accounts
      FTS has created special units for collecting assets (similar to bailiffs )
      AIS (Automated Information System)Tax-3 is now integrated with banks and Rosreestr databases
      Your business becomes more transparent to FTS day by day
      Don't let your guard down: choose us to avoid
      any kind of trouble
      with the FTS
      You will minimize any possible risks if you choose our service:

      You can significantly reduce the risk of getting caught by automated tax control systems
      Secure your business with professional accounting services
      Get all the information you need to make the right decisions in a timely manner
      You will be one step ahead of your competitors in terms of business security
      Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is tightening control!
      Now, any tax violations can lead to serious consequences.
      Don't let your guard down: choose us to avoid
      any kind of trouble
      with the FTS
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      Novodmitrovskaya Street, 2к1, MFK «Savelovsky City»

      e-mail: online@i-ias.ru

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